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Welcome to Tower Grove South!

The Tower Grove South Neighborhood Association serves the entire TowerGrove South Neighborhood's geographic region. Two board member representatives are devoted to each quadrant: Northeast, Northwest,Southeast and Southwest.


Debi Pratt


Debi (she/her/hers) has lived in the Northeast quadrant for nearly 30 years with her husband, Tom. She is a founding member of the TGSNA, with previous service on the Board. Active with several social justice organizations, Debi is proud to be part of the Connections Committee that works to connect neighbors and promote diversity and inclusion throughout TGS.

Hope Wyss


Hope is new to St. Louis. She and her husband bought in TGS in 2021 because of the park and the architecture of the buildings. Hope is a user researcher and has worked in IT for 20+ years. She's a quilter, gardener, and hiker. And she and her husband love traveling, art, music, and food. 

Robert Boggs


Robert and his partner, Ryan, moved to McDonald Ave (3800) in 2013. Robert has been involved with the TGS Block Captains' Association, helps plan block parties on their block, and takes an active role in bettering the neighborhood. He is committed to the future of TGSNA.

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Rose Moller-Jacobs

Recording Secretary

Rose has lived in St. Louis since 2014 and TGS since 2017, and works as a Patent Agent for a local law firm. She's a cat person and enjoys listening to podcasts, doing puzzles, listening to female-led Folk and Americana, and walking around the neighborhood.

Joe Mazzola

Corresponding Secretary



The purpose of Quadrant Directors is to try to get to know residents and businesses in your respective quadrant. Getting to know our neighbors helps to provide a voice for all of Tower Grove South residents. We hope to achieve this by conducting at least one annual meet & greet per quadrant per year. Quadrant Directors are asked to help organize and participate with the TGS Board in these meet & greets. In addition, Quadrant DIrectors, like all Board members, will assist with fundraising and other Board-related efforts as needed/capable.


Individually, each Director has responsibilities significantly greater than those of other members of TGSNA. Each Director is expected to make a commitment of time and effort to the activities of the organization, including but not limited to, financial support of the organization within the means of each Director, participation in fundraising efforts, participation on committees, attendance at Board meetings, and attendance at TGSNA events and functions.

Mark Abbott

Northeast Quadrant Director


Jack Hoerchler

Northeast Quadrant Director

Jack moved to St. Louis in 2018 and to TGS in 2021. He enjoys running around the neighborhood and frequenting the coffee shops on South Grand and on Morgan Ford. He's also restoring a historic duplex on Utah Street, and looks forward to helping more people to enjoy all of the positive aspects of TGS

Dan Pearson

Northwest Quadrant Director

Dan has lived in St. Louis since 2010 and in Tower Grove South since 2012. He was involved with the initial formation of the Tower Grove South Neighborhood Association and participatory budgeting process. Dan listens to way too many podcasts and he never misses an opportunity to extol the beauty and benefits of native plants. Dan is committed to helping the neighborhood become more equitable, sustainable and walkable.

cistern and dan.JPG

Adam Mizes

Northwest Quadrant Director

Adam has lived in Tower Grove South since 2017 with his wife and their two cats. He is a manufacturing engineer at a company that makes aircraft parts. He and his wife were drawn to the neighborhood because of the park and the many local establishments within easy walking distance. In his free time, he can often be found toting home bags full of produce from the Tower Grove Farmer's Market, watching his favorite soccer team at Amsterdam Tavern, or riding his bicycle.


Jim Mayer

Southeast Quadrant Director

Jim is a southeast quadrant director who has lived in TGS since 2008. Currently Jim, Angela, and their cat call the 3800 block of McDonald home. Past president of the St Louis Triathlon club Jim has a passion for fitness and the outdoors. He is also the education director of a global dental imaging manufacturer. His past experiences, both personal and professional, have taught him to listen to the needs and concerns of others. He has joined TGSNA to be a service to others, provide opportunities for neighbors to connect, and promote neighborhood well-being.

Taylor Madden

Southeast Quadrant Director

Taylor (she/hers) grew up in St. Louis. She lives on the 3900th block of Fairview Ave. with her partner, Adam. Taylor works in the mental health field as a Director of Community programs for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Locally, she supports several nonprofits, offering consultation and comms support. You can regularly find her at our neighborhood coffee shops and at the Tower Grove Farmers Market!

Karen Strombach

Southwest Quadrant Director


Liz Tegart

Southwest Quadrant Director

Liz and her wife have lived in the neighborhood since 2016. She works in IT for a Saint Louis based healthcare organization. In her spare time, she loves walking to the park, eating at the wonderful restaurants in the neighborhood, hanging with pals, and listening to podcasts!

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Our Mission

The mission of the Tower Grove South Neighborhood Association is to pursue thoughts and actions that
promote the well-being of all who interact with, and live, in our neighborhood.

Our Vision

TGSNA will increase capacity to partner with neighborhood stakeholders to cultivate an empowered
community through acts of service, effective communication, and advocacy.

The Pillars of TGSNA

Tree Lined Path

Encouraging Community Pride

  • Neighborhood garden maintenance community clean-ups

  • Plans for new green spaces and artwork

  • Focus on commercial development


Facilitate Resident Engagement

  • Neighborhood Happy Hours

  • Community events

  • "Open door" access to the neighborhood association


Promote and Safeguard General Welfare

  • Connecting residents to resources and volunteer opportunities

  • Promoting resident input in community development and governance

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