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Below is a list of resources to help you learn about your neighborhood, local happenings, and who to reach out to with questions or concerns.

Local Officials

Alderperson Ward 6–  Daniela Valasquez   Phone: 314.622.3287   Email:


Neighborhood Improvement Specialist– Christian Saller   Phone: 314.657.1375   Email:

     Christian is a great resource for our neighborhood. If you’ve filed a service request with the City (through the     

     Citizens Service Bureau, see below) and you need help getting the issue addressed, Christian can help. He can also         help with problem properties.  He comes to most of the TGS General Meetings where you can meet him in person           and ask questions.


SLMPD District 2 TGS Liaison Officer – P.O. Nicola Walker   Phone: 314.444.0107   Email:

SLMPD District 2 Lieutenant – Lt. Daniel Zarrick   Phone: 314.444.0100

Non-emergency number – 314.231.1212

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Local Happenings

South Grand

Here’s where to go to learn about South Grand, it’s businesses, and all the events going on.


Local Government Resources

Citizens' Service Bureau

This is the place to request city services for missed refuse pickup, houses that don’t meet code, street/alley issues, abandoned vehicles, pet/animal issues, and a host of other services.

Tower Grove Community Development Corporation (CDC)

Tower Grove CDC works with the Tower Grove South, Southwest Garden, and Shaw neighborhoods to promote and improve quality of life by attracting public and private investment and providing real estate and other community services.


St. Louis Neighborhoods

This is a useful site to learn about the City’s 79 neighborhoods and includes links to their neighborhood associations.

St. Louis Utilities

Use this site to get new service, report issues, read about advisory warnings.

State and U.S. Representative 

Missouri Elected Leaders

Use this site to look up what district you’re in, where to vote, and who your elected leaders are.


The Pillars of TGSNA

Tree Lined Path

Encouraging Community Pride

  • Neighborhood garden maintenance community clean-ups

  • Plans for new green spaces and artwork

  • Focus on commercial development


Facilitate Resident Engagement

  • Neighborhood Happy Hours

  • Community events

  • "Open door" access to the neighborhood association


Promote and Safeguard General Welfare

  • Connecting residents to resources and volunteer opportunities

  • Promoting resident input in community development and governance

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